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Even the docile koala needs his special gum trees.  We all need our personal spaces for both our everyday "things" as well as those "special things" we only bring out on special occasions.

Individually designed showcaseIndividually designed showcase

Designing for Lifestyle

The right design is so important.  It must take into account your lifestyle and how you use the room you need to be designed.  It doesn't matter if it's a child's play area, your office nook, laundry, kitchen or bathroom.  The design is vital.  Think very carefully about what you would like where - we can usually make your ideas fit but if they don't, don't panic. With years of experience designing for all areas of your home, we are well placed to design the perfect area for you.  This is just another way we can take the stress out of home renovating.

Designing for Sale

There is a myth out there that says "I must fix the kitchen & bathroom before I put my home on the market".  It is quite often the case that you will not recoup the money you spend on a new kitchen or bathroom or, even worse, the prospective purchasers won't like what you've done and will "rip it out" and start again when they move in.  Unless your kitchen is so bad that you are forced to BBQ every night, leave it alone and adjust your market price accordingly.  Why go through the heartache of living through a renovation you don't have to?  Renovate the home you are about to purchase, not the one you are about to sell.  Same with painting.  We've seen it time and time again where a seller paints the whole house to "freshen it up".  Unfortunately the purchaser will usually want a different color so will repaint before they move in.  

Likewise for the bathroom.  Everyone has individual ideas so this is another room you leave alone; let the incoming purchaser renovate this room (if it needs renovating or replacing).

Quite often the best option for selling properties is to do more tidying than anything else. Remove the "clutter" (even though some of it might represent cherished item/s).  Removing clutter can make your home look and feel much larger.  It will let prospective purchasers see your home for what and how it is.  Make use of some colored cushions, single wall hangings or paintings; let them compliment your home without taking over.