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Black & White is a timeless choice, let your appliances add the colourBlack & White is a timeless choice, let your appliances add the colour



Striking red glass splashback makes a real statement without overpowering the crisp white kitchenStriking red glass splashback makes a real statement without overpowering the crisp white kitchen

Your Kitchen

This is THE  most important room in your home.  It is the place people gravitate to, the place you decide on the daily menu, the place you do that cooking, the place homework is often done.  Your kitchen will always be the place where the whole family go to and fro on their daily routines. In that sense, kitchens have not changed their purpose and place as the central part of your home for many generations.  The designs and materials for construction have certainly changed but now as it was then, storage requirements have not changed so clever design is necessary to maximize space and storage and minimize wasted areas in your kitchen.

Think about the size you would like your pantry; is your pantry just going to be for food? or will some rarely used appliances find their way into it?  

Think about preferences for your cooking pots & pans  - cupboards used to be the place for these items.  Large drawers have taken their place - it makes getting your pots & pans out much easier.

Think carefully about where you want to place your oven, it's never a good idea to place your oven right next to a doorway.  The obvious reason for this is that a person will invariably come around the corner and they wont know the oven door is open and either bruise their shin bone or even worse the open door hurts a little higher on the body. Whilst we can usually find another place for your oven, sometimes it's just not possible

Think about your dishwasher - this is another "built in hazard" if placed next to a doorway.  If you're considering moving your dishwasher to a new location we will advise you regarding plumbing costs that may be incurred if you relocate your dishwasher.

Think about bulkheads on your overhead cupboards. A very cost effective way of minimizing the cleaning of cupboard tops. By installing these bulkheads, together with your choice of cornice, you are making your kitchen airtight.  Talk to us about this very worthwhile addition.  

Think about handles for your kitchen, think about the dynamics of your family; we've given a few ideas but you will need to add your own:

  • Do we have children?
  • How old are they?
  • How tall are they?
  • Do you, your partner or children "walk into things"?
  • Do you bruise easily?  An odd question but it's worthwhile a thought when choosing your door and drawer handles

The reason for all of these thought provoking questions - If your answer is yes to one or a few of these questions it would be wise to look at door & drawer handles that are not "square" and those that are based on a "post and rail" design.  Rounded handles that fit snugly on the door and drawer fronts are far less likely to injure when you or a child runs into it them.  Broadly called "bow" handles they come in more sizes, finishes and designs than you can imagine