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You might have a photo of something you've found during your renovation - send it in so we can show other renovators some of the surprises that are found.Look what you can find!!!Look what you can find!!!

Q: Which room do I start with?

A: There's no easy answer to this one but best to start with the room that is used most and works least for you.  Usually this is the kitchen, quickly followed by the bathroom and then the storage.

Q.  Why would storage be so important?

A.  Many homes just don't offer the storage that a family needs.  When you have places to put "things" into, it makes all rooms work better because you have organised the "clutter".

Q.  Which room is more expensive to renovate?

A.  In the average  home it is usual for the kitchen and bathroom to come out at similar amounts.  

Q. Why do these 2 rooms come out at similar prices?

A.  This is due mainly to the fact that kitchens are larger than bathrooms which have more trades involved.

Q.  What if I just want to update my kitchen?

A.  This can be done quite reasonably by just replacing the kitchen doors, drawer fronts and the bench top.  If you are happy with the current layout and size of your kitchen, this is certainly the way to go.

Q.  What if my bathroom has leaked through the wall?

A.  Often this means that the original water proofing has failed.  Usually the only way to ensure this doesn't happen again is to strip down the affected areas and look at replacing any dampened timbers and wall coverings.  Once this is done the area will need new water proofing.  If you are undertaking this work yourself, make sure you follow the directions on the DIY packaging.  Otherwise you will need to have this allowed for in the quoting for your new bathroom.

Q.  Should I renovate before I put my home on the market?

A.  I answer this more fully in design services but generally the answer would be no.